By Ernst Götsch (May 28, 2016) 

Quimiosynthesis and photosynthesis, the main tools used by life, are syntropic processes, that is to say processes which result in a positive balance of complexity: dissipated energy in terms of heat being contracted, cooled down, complexified and stored in carbohydrates these then used to create organisms of high complexity, macro-organisms and ecosystems, and on its way of evolution increasing complexity on each step.

Nature, without interference of modern man needs (uses) for its metabolic processes approx. 2 to 5 % of its capital in order to achieve 10 to 15 % of surplus. That is to say its balance in terms of complexification is positive which for its side explains the increase of complexity in places let for recovering by itself which results of the effect well-known as fallow.

In my effort as farmer to produce which we need of the vegetal and animal kingdoms, I am trying to create agroecosystems similar in their dynamics, way of functioning and stratification to the natural and original ecosystems of the places of my interactions.

This results: a) in highly productive plantations, which produces its own fertilizers; b) an increase of black soil; c) availability of nutrients; d) optimization of retention of water and its circulation. Therefore, the main strategies, respective tools, I use to achieve this target are: 1º) by focusing on favoring photosynthesis; 2º) active interventions in the metabolic processes of the macro-organism called plantation by periodic heavy pruning; 3º) optimizing recycling processes and 4º) the use of the dynamics of natural species succession, directing it in a way to come to a positive balance in terms of complexity and quantity and quality of established life. That latter in both sides: on the places of my intervention as well as in relation of the whole macro-organism Planet Earth.

"Vida em Sintropia" é o novo curta do Agenda Gotsch. Uma edição feita especialmente para ser apresentada em eventos na COP21 em Paris, com um compilado de experiências expressivas em Agricultura Sintrópica. Imagens e entrevistas inéditas. "Life in Syntropy" is the new short film by Agenda Gotsch made specially to be presented at COP21 - Paris. This film put together some of the most remarkable experiences in Syntropic Agriculture, with brand new images and interviews.
Source: text and video extracted from Agenda Gotsch website.